Welding TIG Torch Red Ceramic Nozzle

Welding TIG Torch Red Ceramic Nozzle
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High Performance for textile ceramic eyelets, ferrule ceramic 8mm, RF Ceramic Ferrules, We put the product quality and customer's benefits to the first place. We, focuse on high quality, and are conscious of the importance of environmental protection, most of the merchandise are pollution-free, environmentally friendly solutions, reuse on the solution. We regularly organize employees to go out for study and training to improve our comprehensive market competitiveness.

Ceramic Nozzle and Insulation Sleeves for welding equipment

Applications: Ceramic Nozzle and Insulation Sleeves are widely used as components of welding torches.

Material: C795 Alumina 

Forming Method: Injection Molding

Color: Pink and White

Features: They have excellent heating-conveying and heat-transfer characteristics and extreme thermal and mechanical resistance.

We strictly control the quality of Welding TIG Torch Red Ceramic Nozzle. There is no position in front of the quality and everyone is equal. Our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with people from all walks of life and develop together with advanced technology, modern management and professional staff. With many years of technical experience, our company currently has a group of teams with reasonable knowledge structure and rich installation technology experience to better provide customers with professional technical services.
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