Wear Resistance Textile Machinery Alumina Ceramic Eyelet

Wear Resistance Textile Machinery Alumina Ceramic Eyelet
Product Details
The technical indicators of the ceramic backing tape, ceramic crucible tray for furnace, transformer bushing accessories products produced by our company are at the advanced level in the same industry, and can be produced according to orders. Our corporate mission is to enhance customer value and catalyze employee capabilities. Our company takes 'high requirements in management, high starting point in development and high quality in manufacturing' as its tenet. So that our company's products in a relatively short period of time to quickly open up the situation.

The ceramic eyelet (ceramic ring) is the most commonly used component for wire passing, which is used for the position of wire passing through the winding machine and textile machinery. The shape of the finished material must be improved to reduce friction as the wire slides on the surface of the ceramic ring. According to the requirements, the polish degree of porcelain eye can be regarded as roughness polishing, precision polishing and ultra-precision polishing.


different grades of aluminium oxide


    1.Wear resistant
    2. Corrosion resistant
    3. Heat resistant
    4. Stable dimensions
    5. Long performance life, low friction

In the face of the fierce market competition, we will be perfecting our own management and developing direction constantly, in order to make our Wear Resistance Textile Machinery Alumina Ceramic Eyelet capture the international market rapidly. Through our efforts, we can continuously improve the competitiveness of our products and brands, create value space for society, employees and partners. We are convinced that continuous learning and continuous iteration will benefit employees a lot.

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