Textile Ceramic Eyelets (Alumina ceramic eyelet) for Wire Guide

Textile Ceramic Eyelets (Alumina ceramic eyelet) for Wire Guide
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We pay attention to customer needs, understand their business, and provide them quality ceramic fiber textile, ceramic ferrules, ceramic mig nozzles. With the rapid development of the modern Internet and the general trend of society, online procurement and offline services are the future development direction. We are pursuing the policy of "enterprising and realistic, rigorous and united", and constantly explore and innovate, with technology as the core, depending on the quality of life. Our customers are always satisfied with our reliable quality, customer-oriented services and competitive prices.

The ceramic eyelet (ceramic ring) is the most commonly used component for wire passing, which is used for the position of wire passing through the winding machine and textile machinery. The shape of the finished material must be improved to reduce friction as the wire slides on the surface of the ceramic ring. According to the requirements, the polish degree of porcelain eye can be regarded as roughness polishing, precision polishing and ultra-precision polishing.


different grades of aluminium oxide


    1.Wear resistant
    2. Corrosion resistant
    3. Heat resistant
    4. Stable dimensions
    5. Long performance life, low friction

We are a diversified enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of Textile Ceramic Eyelets (Alumina ceramic eyelet) for Wire Guide. We introduce the international advanced management experience, absorb excellent scientific research achievements, and constantly innovate to produce high quality products. We regard customer needs as the guidance, and improving product quality and efficiency as the goal.

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