Sm4004 Mimelf Case Rectifier Diode

Sm4004 Mimelf Case Rectifier Diode
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Our vision is to become an influential supplier at home and abroad in the field of ceramic welding backing tape, silicate ceramic steatite c221, textile fiber ceramic 105sn production, and to become an outstanding enterprise with influence and leading power. We have been committed to meet all your needs and solve any technical problems you may encounter with your industrial components. Guided by market demand, we integrate resources and pursue to create more, better and more suitable high-quality products for consumers. We have continuously won awards and praise from the society and the public for our high-end technology research and development strength, standardized scientific management, strong technical control and customer demand-centric service model.

PGA is widely used for MOS.ECL circuit packaging. The number of pins may attain 208.


We are determined to continuously improve and innovate our Sm4004 Mimelf Case Rectifier Diode, insisting on our research and development strength and treating our customers honestly. Adhering to the concept that quality changes the world, we cooperate with international advanced technology, so that our quality has gradually improved. We deeply realize that only the four aspects of technology, equipment, production process, and high-quality raw materials can be combined to produce perfect products.

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