Promotional Green 5''/4''/3'' Ceramic Knife with Peeler

Promotional Green 5''/4''/3'' Ceramic Knife with Peeler
Product Details
Our commitment is to provide the best alumina ceramic rods, cordierite porous ceramic, ceramic crucible tray for furnace solutions and great value goods to clients through high quality products and service. We are establishing trust relationship with all business partners with 'high quality products and reasonable price'. Whether to customers, employees, or other partners, we will stay and treat each other as always with honesty. Our company is open to the opinions and suggestions of users to ensure product improvement and considerate service.

●Materials: zirconia ceramic blade with bamboo handle

●Blade Colors: black ceramic in matt or mirror finish

●Available size: 3"/4"/5"/6" for blade

●Packing: 4 pieces/set, 1 set/box and 10 sets/carton

●Supply capacity: 25,000 sets per month 

●The sharpest cutting edge in the world with 3 years warranty

●Well polished mirror blade is so brilliant which can serve as mirror

●Do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, maintain each food's taste

●Go literally years without re-sharpening and easy to be cleaned by rinsing in warm water

●Modern innovation designed to improve your culinary experiences

We look at the world and do our best to provide high-quality Promotional Green 5''/4''/3'' Ceramic Knife with Peeler at reasonable prices to satisfy customers all over the world. The company is committed to building an sales ecological chain service industry cluster for global consumer groups. We strive to enhance our own strength, hoping to increase the company's control and influence in the industry involved.

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