Piezoelectric Ceramic Stack Layer Circular Micro Displacement Actuator

Piezoelectric Ceramic Stack Layer Circular Micro Displacement Actuator
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With the aid of professional and perfect test support, we ensure the stability and excellent quality of the steatite ceramic manufacturers, ceramic blasting nozzles, UF Ceramic Ferrules so that make us occupy the leading position in the industry. Our company has established a systematic system to ensure the process and standardization of operation management. In the mutual collision, every employee not only enhances their own strength, but also successfully achieves their professional goals. Our team knows well the market demands in different countries, and is capable of supplying suitable quality products at the best prices to different markets. Our company establishes market leadership for you with high-efficiency production capacity and complete supply methods.

Piezoelectric ceramic materials are electromechanical transducers: They can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice-versa.  Piezoelectric ceramic materials from us are used in sensors, actuators, gas ignition and in power transducers for high-power ultrasonic applications.

Piezoelectric ceramic Material are used to convert mechanical parameters, such as pressure and acceleration, into electrical parameters or, conversely, to convert electrical signals into mechanical movement or vibration.

In sensors they make it possible to convert forces, pressures and accelerations into electrical signals, and in sonic and ultrasonic transducers to convert electric voltages into vibrations or deformations.

Piezo Cylinders (Tubes) 

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Air Transducers 

Ultrasonic sound, under water sound

Ring piezoelectric ceramic transducer is used widely for hydrophone, underwater sensor, sonar etc.

More special piezoelectric ceramic can be made as client's request.

Our team will provide you professional piezoelectric technology.


We are searching ahead towards your visit for Piezoelectric Ceramic Stack Layer Circular Micro Displacement Actuator. Our development has always been guided by moving closer to high-tech and large-scale, with the goal of thanking customers and serving the society. Additionally, we welcome visitors to our factory from all over the world for much better recognizing of our corporation.

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