Partially Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Tubes

Partially Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Tubes
Product Details
Relying on science and technology for development and continuously providing customers with satisfactory high-tech RF Ceramic Ferrules, cordierite ceramic pizza stone, eramic ferrule supplier in uae is our constant pursuit. While creating more value for users, our company is committed to providing higher application requirements for different groups of users. The company's employees forge ahead and make concerted efforts to develop new technologies and new products in line with market demand and development.

Characteristic and advantage

Blade make from Zirconium Oxide ,high-tech products

Hardness is HRC 90,only secondly to the diamond, supper sharp and longer life than the traditional steel knife,with no need of sharpening for years 

Stain and rust proof ,non-adhesion,very easy to clean

No chemical reaction with the food ,no metallic taste and smell

Anti-corrasion, never rust ,keep the food original color and flavour ,environment friendly

Lightweight and nonmagnetic,make you more comfortable even in long time use

Usage and care advice

It is advise to use for cutsting/slicing of fruits , bread ,vegetables ,boneless meats,do not use for cutting hard ,frozen or broned food.

Please use with a plastic or wooden cutting board ,Avoid cutting on marble ,stone, glass surface

wash by hand with water and liquid dish soap ,do not wash it on the dishwasher

For discolorations not removed by normal washing ,wash the blade only with a middle bleach solution

Please put it on the knife set or plastic scabbard after you finished using the knife,keep it away from the children

For its special material and character,pleases do not try to sharpen it by yourself




specific density






Thermal expansion coeffcient(20-400)



Elastic modlulis



Fracture toughness



Bending strength



Grain size



Thermal conductivity



The company now has a professional Partially Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Tubes production plant with complete inventory supply, timely delivery, considerate after-sales service, and reasonable prices. Our Company Services Division in good faith for the purpose of the quality of survival. For further acknowledge, our consultant service group will reply to all of the inquiries and complications immediately.

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