Ozone Generator Accessory Ozone Plate

Ozone Generator Accessory Ozone Plate
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We take every detail seriously and provide customers with excellent solutions for ceramic crucible for melting aluminum, ceramic crucible maximum temperature, ceramic nozzles for sandblasting to adapt to changing market demands. Our product sales and service network covers all over the world, widely exported overseas. We aim to provide our customers with superior products and perfect services, and become a trusted partner of many brand customers.

Heavy duty ozone ceramic plates, which is the key parts for ozone generator, air cleaner, water cleaner. 

We supply heavy duty ozone ceramic plates, which is the key parts for ozone generator, air cleaner, water cleaner.  High-purity substrates, thin-wall tubes, and custom ceramic components are made to meet customers special applications in ozone generators.                  

Normal oxygen O2 is converted to O3, which is commonly called ozone or activated oxygen. O3 will break down odors and other contaminates sanitizing the air.

Material: Al2O3 95% sintering in the temperature 1700°C

Joining type: Ceramic + Mo/Mn matelizing + plating Ni

Data for some ready products,

Ozone generating volume (mg/h) Dimensions length x width x height in mm

3022 x 15 x 0.60
5037 x 15 x 0.60
10056 x 15 x 0.60
15037 x 15 x 0.60
20056 x 15 x 0.60
25054 x 19 x 0.60
35056 x 15 x 0.60
50070 x 15 x 0.60
100050 x 34 x 0.60
350090 x 50 x 1.00

We supply Ozone Generator Accessory Ozone Plate to trading companies or domestic market in the past years, and established our reputation with good quality and reasonable price. We actively recruit a large number of technical personnel, introducing advanced production equipment, and continuously optimizing product performance. We introduce international advanced technology and management experience, insist on continuous innovation, to provide comprehensive services and products with strong market competitiveness to our customers, thereby reducing costs for them.

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