O3 Air Freshener Production Ozonizer Machine Medical Ozone Generator

O3 Air Freshener Production Ozonizer Machine Medical Ozone Generator
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Only when we continue to provide our customers with UF Ceramic Ferrules, ceramic crucible bowl, hypro ceramic nozzles and supporting services beyond their expectations can we show the value of our company's existence. We always insist on putting product quality and efficiency, customer satisfaction in the first place, and constantly improve the quality and safety of products, so as to meet the growing demand of our products in the domestic and foreign markets. We are always striving towards the goal of being a leading enterprise in the industry, writing a new chapter in history and creating a new glory of modern enterprise development. Wherever you are, please join us, and together we will shape a bright future in your business field! We strictly abide by the core values of 'precision manufacturing, focus on service' and focus on manufacturing quality in the process of operation to provide customers with satisfactory service.

3500mg Ozone Ceramic Plate, which is the key parts for ozone generator, air cleaner, water cleaner.

We supply heavy duty ozone ceramic plates, which is the key parts for ozone generator, air cleaner, water cleaner. High-purity substrates, thin-wall tubes, and custom ceramic components are made to meet customers special applications in ozone generators.

Normal oxygen O2 is converted to O3, which is commonly called ozone or activated oxygen. O3 will break down odors and other contaminates sanitizing the air.

Material: Al2O3 95% sintering in the temperature 1700°C

Joining type: Ceramic + Mo/Mn matelizing + plating Ni

Data for some ready products,

Ozone generating volume (mg/h) Dimensions length x width x height in mm


The 3500mg Ozone Ceramic Plate can be used to sterilize hospital factories suitable for public places without releasing toxic substances. The use of active oxygen disinfection is efficient, broad-spectrum, and quickly eliminates odors. Suitable for use in air purification machine ozone machine medical ozone equipment, oxygen bar dehumidifier household appliances with a long life of about 7000 hours is very economical.


Material 96% Alumina ceramic substrate, ruthenium, nickel, silver, palladium silver lead-free tin wire, etc.

Input voltage 12 V / 45 W@12 V/24 V60 W@110 V/220 V / 110 V / 220 V

Output voltage 4.5 kV

Ozone production 3.5 g / h

Operating frequency 13 – 20 KHZ

Product size is about 90 × 50 × 1 MM

We will continue to devote ourselves to the research and development of O3 Air Freshener Production Ozonizer Machine Medical Ozone Generator and provide customers with innovative and reliable products. Our team is a group of people who work steadfastly, working silently to achieve industry and social progress, and keep pace with the times. We invite you to definitely pay a visit to our business for a personalized tour and advanced small business guidance.
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