Newest Smart Cart Legendtank OEM Package

Newest Smart Cart Legendtank OEM Package
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We hope that the use of our ceramic sandblast nozzle holder, ceramic fiber textile, ceramic tape welding will be more assured, so that customers can be more satisfied with our products and services. We are dedicated to see the future trends, thus we can act accordingly. The development of technology and its large-scale, low-cost applications provide us with opportunities to reduce costs, while satisfying customers' special needs to the greatest extent. Culture is the soul of an enterprise, and we are always guided by the values of 'integrity, responsibility, enterprising, and gratitude'.

CFP and CQFP both are a kind of high sealed package with better mechanical function and better chemical stability for semiconductor IC. The pitch of CFP is 1.27mm.The number of pins of CQFP may attain 132 with 0.635mm lead pitch.

With years of sales, we are committed to exploring new Newest Smart Cart Legendtank OEM Package and providing more professional services for customers. Our company continues to carry out technological innovation and capacity upgrades, and introduces domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing technology and automated production equipment to meet the needs of production and customers. We rely on independent innovation to establish a high-quality industry model, we rely on unity, integrity and cooperation to create a world-class national brand.

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