Manufacturer Supplied Band Ceramic Heater for Plastic Machine Band Ceramic

Manufacturer Supplied Band Ceramic Heater for Plastic Machine Band Ceramic
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Our company is guided by science and technology, driven by the quality of talents and opens up new markets with quality and reputation. We rely on advanced production technology, flexible business methods and high-quality services to provide customers with high-quality cordierite-based ceramics, transformer bushing, ceramic crucible for melting aluminum. Customer service is the only reason for our existence, customer demand is the driving force of our development. We adhere to customer-oriented, rapid response to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers, and then achieve customer success. The integrity, strength and product quality of our company have been recognized by the industry.

Applications:It is widely used for Industrial Heater, ndustry Furnaces,Immersion Heaters,Industrial Oven as the heating support element.

Material: Cordierite C520 or Mullite C510

Forming Method: Injection Molding, Extruding, Dry Pressing

Color:Yellow or White

Features: With outstanding thermal shock resistance, while at the same time having high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength. Ceramic materials on the basis of cordierite, a magnesium aluminium silicate mineral with extremely low thermal expansion. In addition, they contain additives of mullite, corundum and silicon carbide.

We are a manufacturer of Manufacturer Supplied Band Ceramic Heater for Plastic Machine Band Ceramic. Promise is the essence of our corporate culture. We sincerely hope to continue to cooperate with friends all over the world to create industry pioneers. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and patronize.
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