Industrial Electrothermal Cordierite Ceramic Bobbin Heater Core

Industrial Electrothermal Cordierite Ceramic Bobbin Heater Core
Product Details
We take "innovation, high quality, high cost performance" as our product development philosophy, and provide the most suitable alumina ceramic rod, ferrule ceramic 8mm, ceramic crucibles and supporting services for customers with different needs. The technology, management methods and experience of our company are closely combined with the specific reality, so our business strategy is relatively stable and sustainable. We focus on user needs and provide users with excellent solutions with innovative technologies and products. We attach great importance to internal company cooperation, emphasizing team spirit, mutual trust and effective communication.

Highlights of Ceramic Bobbin Heater Core

· Bobbin heaters are extensively used for heating air or liquids.

· Ceramic Bobbin Heater Core consists of several refractory ceramic blocks and 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire, which are connected at terminal block at one end.

· These ceramic blocks can be assembled together to the required length.

· The special construction allow easy installation and handling.


· High temperature resistance and mechanical strength

· Various diameter options

· Custom length according to the heating load

· Fast heating and larger temperature ramp rate


· Hot water tank

· Electric boiler

· Hot oil tank

· Air heating

· Hot air dryer

Technical Data

· Operating temperature: 100C ~700 C

· Watt density: 50W/in2 ~ 120W /in2

· Standard voltage: 110, 120, 220, 230, 240, 380 V or custom

· Wattage tolerance: -2% ~ +2%

· Resistance: Ni-Cr 80/20

· Insulation material: Ceramic / Steatite


With the help of advanced business philosophy and continuous technological innovation, we have developed rapidly in the Industrial Electrothermal Cordierite Ceramic Bobbin Heater Core industry in recent years. Our company has established a sound marketing and service network all over the world, products are widely used in various fields. The quality of our products is at the advanced level in the same industry. With our rich technology, development and manufacturing experience accumulated over the years, we continue to expand your business field and closely match the needs of consumers for personalized purchasing.

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