High Voltage Heat Resistance Insulator Steatite Ceramic

High Voltage Heat Resistance Insulator Steatite Ceramic
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We strive to improve the quality of Ceramic BBQ grill, blaster ceramic nozzles, ceramic crucible cover to guarantee complete benefits and industrial competitiveness of our company. With the purpose of common development, we cooperate with professional enterprises at home and abroad, actively develop business, and form a distinctively characteristic industrialized management development model. We hope that our company will continue to grow, build a competitive brand and promote our company's sustainable development.

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters by Global Ceramic provide long life and use less wattage (because of insulation) in plastics extrusion and injection molding applications. These band heaters are constructed with a stainless steel shroud enclosing high quality ceramic knuckles through which run coiled high temperature nickel-chromium element wire. Configuration choices allow selection of one or two piece heaters, type of closure, and type of leads/post terminals. Diameters of 2-1/4″ or greater and widths of 1″ to 16″ are available. Leads normally exit 180° from gap. Options include terminal boxes, holes, Heat Saver (extra) insulation, 3-phase power, dual voltages, partial coverages, European connectors, and perforated sheaths without insulation for air cooled applications. To order, specify quantity, configuration, inside diameter, width (increments of 1/2″), wattage, voltage, lead length if applicable and any options.

Advantages of Ceramic Band Heaters:

●Lower Operating Cost – Because of superior insulation, less heat escapes to the air and less wattage is required to maintain barrel temperature. Also the heater is safer because the external surface is much cooler.

●Operator Comfort – With the majority of the heat going directly to your process, the ceramic band heater gives off significantly less heat to ambient air than a mica band heater.

●Longer Heater Life – because all materials used are rated to operate at very high temperatures.

●Higher Operating Temperatures

●Flexible – easy to install and remove

●Dual Heat Transfer – Heat is transferred through both radiation and conduction so a near perfect fit is not required as with other heaters, such as mica heaters.

With strong research and development capabilities, we strive to develop a number of new and practical High Voltage Heat Resistance Insulator Steatite Ceramic and constantly provide better application solutions for users. We use high-quality, high-performance, innovative equipment and technology to provide customers with the best products and services. Customer satisfaction and success are important yardsticks for measuring our performance.
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