High Temperature 220V Ignition Resistance Ceramic Cartridge Heater

High Temperature 220V Ignition Resistance Ceramic Cartridge Heater
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Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, we continue to improve quality management to ensure that our tig ceramic nozzles, steatite ceramic shoulder bushings, ceramic weld backing tape suppliers will always be a product trusted by customers. With many years good service and development, we have a qualified international trade sales team. The employees have found their own position in our company, played their energy to a great extent and found a paradise to realize the value of life. In line with the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences and win-win cooperation, we encourage colleagues to be inclusive when facing problems.

Ceramic core immersion heaters are used to heat many types of liquids. These heaters are made of resistance wires housed inside cylindrical ceramic heating elements. The entire assembly is installed in a stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve will be in direct contact with the fluid or Oil to be heated.


• Generators and motors

• Hot water equipment

• Tarmac manufacturing equipment

•Electrical water heater

We open up the market with the spirit of 'bright sword', constantly cooperate with the market development trend and the growing social demand and are determined to reform and innovate, so as to make the High Temperature 220V Ignition Resistance Ceramic Cartridge Heater quality more perfect. We will always forge ahead on the road of pioneering and enterprising with advanced technology and management, sincere service and pragmatic work style. The products have been recognized by various professional certificates and customers for their superior performance and excellent quality.

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