High Heat Resistant Corundum Mullite Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic

High Heat Resistant Corundum Mullite Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic
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We are one of the best suppliers for textile ceramic guides, zirconia ceramic ferrule, ceramic backing tape in China, and provide customers with satisfied service. We are guided by investment in science and technology, innovate the market with science and technology, build quality with integrity, and develop and grow with excellent craftsmanship as the core and industrial heritage. We adopt one-stop professional team management.

Cordierite C520 as a lightweight structural material, thermal insulation material or catalyst carrier, cordierite-based porous ceramics have become increasingly important. This group includes subgroups C510, C511 and C520, which are compositions with different cordierite and porosity content. Some examples of current applications are: flowing electric water heaters, heating element tubes, heating element supports in furnaces, connecting rod heaters, soldering iron heating boxes, gas heater inserts, spark protector catalyst carriers in the automotive industry, etc.

Each customer's satis factory is our goal. We are looking for long-term cooperation with each customer. To meet this we keep up our quality and provide extraordinary customer service. Welcome to our company we are expecting to cooperate with you.

We have a mature process and modern management mode, and are committed to the development of High Heat Resistant Corundum Mullite Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic market. We continue to improve professional services to meet various needs of customers. The secret of the company's development lies in innovation. We firmly believe that the only unchangeable rule of the market is always changing. We have been working closely with customers for many years to optimize the system and improve the quality of products according to the needs of customers.
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