Flying Frame/Grid for Line Array System (009. J8L)

Flying Frame/Grid for Line Array System (009. J8L)
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We intention to see quality disfigurement within the creation and supply the ideal support to domestic and overseas buyers wholeheartedly for ceramic standoff insulator, ceramic insulator, steatite ceramic manufacturers. We have a big inventory to fulfill our customer's requires and needs. Our complete and stable production line and perfect quality inspection system, which can effectively guarantee product quality and production cycle in order to provide customers with high-quality products and services. Co-creating value is a necessary prerequisite for the common development of employees and the company. In recent years, on the basis of continuously establishing and improving the mechanism of talent selection, training, adoption and evaluation, we have continued to promote the talent development plan.

PGA is widely used for MOS.ECL circuit packaging. The number of pins may attain 208.


Our company's Flying Frame/Grid for Line Array System (009. J8L) set the strengths of similar products at home and abroad, and at the same time give full play to our own technical advantages. The quality and technology of our products have reached the advanced level of the same industry. We actively promote the concept of learning as the source and innovation as the first to all staff, and constantly accumulate our own unique advantages. We not only provide customers with standardized products, but also offer them with customized solutions.

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