Flexible Silicone Band Heater with Cable PTC Ceramic Heating Element

Flexible Silicone Band Heater with Cable PTC Ceramic Heating Element
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Our mission is to continually improve the quality of our ceramic ferrule connector, steatite ceramic properties, transformer bushing gasket material and services, and we ensure that we have the capability and capacity to do so. We continue to provide customers with core technology solutions and professional operation services. We firmly believe that quality lays the foundation and integrity creates the future. We are willing to work with you to create a better future.


Inside diameter

from 70 to 500mm


from 20 to 510mm

Surface loadability

max. 8W/cm2

Standard voltage

230 V

Working temperature

420 °C

heating coil

NiCr 80/20

Thickness of the heater

12,0 mm +/- 1,0 mm

Cover material

stainless steel, aluminized steel

Heating band insulation


Coil insulation

steatite form


- excellent heat exchange

- long life with correct use

- easy installation

- uniform heating distribution

- high mechanical resistence

- stable work

- possibility of obtaining high power (up to 7W/cm2)

- energy saving thanks to insulation protecting the heater from the outside, reduction of approx ~20% compared to the standard micanite band


- extruders

- film blowing machines

- machines for the production of rubber products

- pipe heaters and industrial ducts

- other devices for hot-watering

- other applications for heating of cylindrical shapes

Distribution of connections, holes in degrees:


When ordering, please specify:

· diameter [mm]

· width [mm]

· power [W]

· supply voltage [V]

· type of current output (MB, cube, other)

· position of current leads in degrees

· the direction of the cable outlet: axially / tangent / radially

· cable length [mm]

· mounting (0°)

· hole or cutout (if present)

· hole position in degrees

· position of the hole center in mm

· hole diameter in mm

Order example:
Ceramic band heater 3000W 230V Ø150x230mm MB.01/180°
Hole: D20/90°, 210mm
Quantity: 3pcs

There is also a possibility to make heaters according to drawings, patterns sent by the customer.

We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, top quality, credibility and service for Flexible Silicone Band Heater with Cable PTC Ceramic Heating Element. If you want to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to call. Our company has built stable business relationships with many well-known domestic companies as well as oversea customers.
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