En50386 1kv/630A Ceramic Insulator Transformer Bushing

En50386 1kv/630A Ceramic Insulator Transformer Bushing
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With the enterprise spirit of 'exploitation and innovation, truth-seeking, pragmatic, unity and hard work, striving to be first-class', our company is constantly forging ahead, striving to develop and grow in the fierce market competition and become a leader in the Ceramic heating elements for electric furnace, steatite ceramic properties, large ceramic crucible industry. We continue to innovate, quickly and accurately grasp market trends, and provide comprehensive solutions that meet customer needs. We express our recognition of Chinese history and affirmation of Chinese culture by fulfilling our corporate responsibilities to society.

Transformer bushing/Electric reactor mainly apply to power transformer and electric reactor, as current carrying conductor which lead in or out the high, middle, low voltage current of transformer or electric reactor. It plays role in insulation and sealing of the transformer oil tank shell.


We do everything with our heart, continuously improve the quality of En50386 1kv/630A Ceramic Insulator Transformer Bushing and services, and pursue customer experience. Our goods will continue to increase in the order and look forward to cooperation with you. The tenet of our company is 'the strength of a hundred companies, the wind of a new industry, doing things with heart and being a new person with new ideas'. Honest operation, mutual benefit and win-win are the business philosophy that all employees of the company have been adhering to.
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