Cordierite Infrared Honeycomb Filter Ceramic Honeycomb for Burning

Cordierite Infrared Honeycomb Filter Ceramic Honeycomb for Burning
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With more than 10 years experience in the industry, our company is now a professional transformer bushing abb, sandblasting nozzles ceramic, ceramic insulator power line manufacturer with a well-developed, reliable R&D center. At the beginning of its establishment, our company has popularized the product positioning and followed the independent brand line and won the market share with creativity, quality and enthusiastic service. We always uphold the dedication of quality products and sincere service of customer standards to meet client service needs at anytime and anywhere. Since introduced the part overseas vanguard technology and the craft and formed the powerful technical support system, it has poured into the vigor for our development. We now fully implements a quality management system and a modern independent mode of management and operation system, laying the foundation for the company's future innovation and development.

Applications:It is widely used for Industrial Heater, ndustry Furnaces,Immersion Heaters,Industrial Oven as the heating support element.

Material: Cordierite C520 or Mullite C510

Forming Method: Injection Molding, Extruding, Dry Pressing

Color:Yellow or White

Features: With outstanding thermal shock resistance, while at the same time having high heat resistance and electrical insulation strength. Ceramic materials on the basis of cordierite, a magnesium aluminium silicate mineral with extremely low thermal expansion. In addition, they contain additives of mullite, corundum and silicon carbide.

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