Ceramic Radiant Tube Heating Element for Heat Treatment Furnace

Ceramic Radiant Tube Heating Element for Heat Treatment Furnace
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We make full use of innovative technologies, new processes, and we apply safe and qualified materials to continuously develop high-quality cordierite ceramic manufacturers, zirconia ceramic ferrule, transformer bushing connectors that meet market needs. Our confidence comes from our profession, our diligence, our sincerity, and your wisdom. We focus on customer needs, meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Ceramic Bobbin Element are used to heat air and liquids (indirectly) due to their construction. In the basic version, the heater is made of ceramic form through which the heating coil passes. The current output is the ceramic head connected to the power cord. The entire structure is reinforced by rods extending along the heater axis. The applied ceramic and resistance wire have very good electrical and mechanical parameters, which can ensure a long life.



from 80W to 15000W


230V, 400V, 3x400V


from 100mm to 7000mm

diameter [mm]

10; 12; 16; 18; 20; 22; 26; 28,5; 32; 36; 39; 45; 48; 52; 57

Carrying capacity

max. 6W/cm2

Maximum working temperature


Connection type:

Leads in fiberglass insulation, silicone insulation,

ceramic blocks, thread M4, M5, M6, others


- ultrasonic and industrial washers

- dip bath tubs

- water heaters

- bakery and confectionery equipment

- heating bitumen, asphalt

Order should be specified:

· Power [W]

· voltage [V]

· diameter [mm]

· length [mm]

· length of cold zone [mm]

· connection type

Order example:
Ceramic heating element C-45 3900W 3x400V L-1000mm
diameter: 45mm
Cold zone: 50mm
Connection: M5
Quantity: 15pcs

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Our mission is to become the best solution provider in the field of Ceramic Radiant Tube Heating Element for Heat Treatment Furnace through cooperation with customers, suppliers, and innovative partners. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'sincerity and mutual trust, service first, quality first', focusing on every detail of user needs, and providing users with economic and reasonable products. We strictly abide by the ethics of corporate citizenship, adhere to law-abiding business operations, and earnestly fulfill our commitment to fair operations.
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