Ceramic Parts Well Glazed Alumina Textile Ceramics Eyelets

Ceramic Parts Well Glazed Alumina Textile Ceramics Eyelets
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Our factory has good production equipment and a complete enterprise management system, and strictly implements the industry standards of ceramic fiber textile, steatite ceramic manufacturers, ceramic nozzles for tig welding, so that product quality has stronger reliability and stability. Our company has always been leading science and technology first, pioneering and innovative business philosophy, attaches importance to product development and innovation. The courage to challenge, tolerant and open corporate culture is implemented in all aspects of our business operations and passed on to our customers, which injects energy into us to truly become a good company. Now our company has established a good and cooperative relationship with many companies. We diligently pursue the corporate philosophy of 'trust stems from professionalism, benefit stems from quality'. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers in various industries and develop together.

The ceramic eyelet (ceramic ring) is the most commonly used component for wire passing, which is used for the position of wire passing through the winding machine and textile machinery. The shape of the finished material must be improved to reduce friction as the wire slides on the surface of the ceramic ring. According to the requirements, the polish degree of porcelain eye can be regarded as roughness polishing, precision polishing and ultra-precision polishing.


different grades of aluminium oxide


    1.Wear resistant
    2. Corrosion resistant
    3. Heat resistant
    4. Stable dimensions
    5. Long performance life, low friction

Our company is a professional supplier of Ceramic Parts Well Glazed Alumina Textile Ceramics Eyelets, and years of sales experience have made our business mature. Therefore, we welcome all types of talents to join with us. We do not limit ourselves to the technology and production progress we have achieved, but rather respond quickly to the dynamically evolving needs of the market and actively develop and manufacture products based on flexible ideas.

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