Black Ceramic Eyelet for Textile Machine

Black Ceramic Eyelet for Textile Machine
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The ceramic eyelet (ceramic ring) is the most commonly used component for wire passing, which is used for the position of wire passing through the winding machine and textile machinery. The shape of the finished material must be improved to reduce friction as the wire slides on the surface of the ceramic ring. According to the requirements, the polish degree of porcelain eye can be regarded as roughness polishing, precision polishing and ultra-precision polishing.


different grades of aluminium oxide


    1.Wear resistant
    2. Corrosion resistant
    3. Heat resistant
    4. Stable dimensions
    5. Long performance life, low friction

With our own integrity and strength, our customers agree that our Black Ceramic Eyelet for Textile Machine have stable performance and reliable quality. We introduce high efficiency equipment and adopt advanced management methods to keep the product quality stable and improve the production efficiency continuously. Welcome your inquiry, It might be highly appreciated.
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