Alumina Ceramic Parts, High Precision Ceramic Parts, Fine Ceramics

Alumina Ceramic Parts, High Precision Ceramic Parts, Fine Ceramics
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We have excellent talents in technology, service, production and management. We can meet the needs of various users with advanced technology and high-quality ceramic crucible producers, ceramic ferrule, ceramic shot blast nozzles. With the technology as the core, develop and produce high-quality products according to the diverse needs of the market. We'll sincerely develop and share success with all clientele. You may find the lowest price here. We share the scientific and technological achievements of the research institute through targeted cooperation.

Alumina C799 is a very hard, dense material of exceptional strength.  Alumina ceramic exhibits resistance to both high temperature and corrosion. Electrical properties of alumina ceramic aluminum oxide include high volume resistivity as well as low loss characteristics at high frequencies. We produce many grades of Alumina Oxide Ceramic products by injection molding, dry pressing and extrusion processes. By using these processes and different chemistry, alumina ceramic properties are enhanced to meet most engineering requirements. Applications for alumina oxide ceramic include pump seals, temperature sensors, knife sharpeners and refractory anchors.

Alumina C799 content: ≥92%

Density: ≥3.6 g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: ≥80 HRA

Compressive strength: ≥850 Mpa

Fracture toughness KΙC: ≥4.8MPa·m1/2

Flexural strength: ≥290MPa

Thermal conductivity: 20W/m.K

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.2×10-6m/m.K

Our company insists on the purpose of "takes service priority for standard quality guarantee for the brand do business in good faith to provide professional rapid accurate and timely service for you". We welcome old and new customers to negotiate with us. We will serve you with all sincerity!

With advanced technology and customer-responsible service concepts, we have served many customers and accumulated rich production experience of Alumina Ceramic Parts, High Precision Ceramic Parts, Fine Ceramics. We have a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers. We use the modern enterprise system to manage strictly and always maintain a high quality of economic operation.

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