99% Alundum Ceramic Alumina Tray Crucible for Muffle Furnace

99% Alundum Ceramic Alumina Tray Crucible for Muffle Furnace
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We are a group of passionate engineers, designers and industry experts, and our mission is to help customers quickly find the ceramic ferrule, textile ceramic guides, ceramic tape welding they need at a competitive price. With the corporate philosophy of 'pioneering and innovative, perfection, honesty and pragmatism', we cultivate professional talents who are 'proactive, united, cooperative, and brave to innovate'. We'll build brand with sincere, mold brilliance with quality and create a better tomorrow with diligence and wisdom.

The capacity of the crucible is 5 to 2000ml according to appearance, maximum capacity can be customized, and maximum size is 450mm. Under the general condition, the analyzed and fired substance is put into the crucible or a sagger and then put into analyzing or firing equipment to be heated. Heating and cooling speed is different according to the characteristics of the equipment and products. A raw material for manufacturing the crucible and the sagger is subjected to thermal expansion, and the crucible and the sagger are easily cracked if the heating or cooling speed is overhigh, so that the speed had better be low to prolong the service life of the crucible and the sagger. A corundum crucible contains 99.70% of corundum, has good high temperature insulation property and mechanical strength at the temperature of 1650 to 1700℃ in oxidizing atmosphere and reducing atmosphere, high heat conductivity and low thermal expansivity, does not react with air, water vapor, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and so on at the temperature of more than 1700℃, and has the short-term maximum service temperature of 1800℃.

Technical parameters:

Content: >99%

Density: 3.85g/cm3

Compressive strength: 2500MPa

Bending strength: 360MPa

Thermal shock resistance (thermal stability): good 

Maximum service temperature: 1800℃

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