5mm DIP LED 5mm Lamp LED 7-9lm LED Diode (LP-05243W)

5mm DIP LED 5mm Lamp LED 7-9lm LED Diode (LP-05243W)
Product Details
Our mission is to keep our products ahead of the competition by constantly upgrading the quality of alumina ceramic tubes, ceramic welding nozzles, ceramic crucible tray for furnace and management functions. We have always inherited the entrepreneurial, pragmatic and team spirit of hard struggle. We rely on high-quality product quality and a rich product series to provide you with a full range of solutions.

SIDE BRAZE PACKAGE fits the large, middle and small scales semiconductor IC of TTL,MOS,ECL,ect. The pitch is 2.54mm,the number of pins can reach64.


Our company is guided by science and technology, driven by the quality of talents and opens up new markets with quality and reputation. We rely on advanced production technology, flexible business methods and high-quality services to provide customers with high-quality 5mm DIP LED 5mm Lamp LED 7-9lm LED Diode (LP-05243W). To create a beautiful upcoming, we wish to cooperate with all close friends in the home and overseas. On the road of exploration, our company has embarked on a growth path of technological leadership and innovation providing a new development concept and successful practice model for the rapid expansion of similar products worldwide.

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