25kv Insulator Ceramic/Porcelain Bushing for Transformer

25kv Insulator Ceramic/Porcelain Bushing for Transformer
Product Details
Since the establishment of our company, ceramic shot blast nozzles, cordierite ceramic thermal conductivity, ceramic bobbin are well received by users because we have rich experience in product production and grasp market opportunities. Each of our products embodies our value, and the goal of everything we do is to provide excellent products and services to users. We are willing to listen and perfect the opinions of our customers to become the driving force for our rapid development. As a result of our responsibility, we are honest, trustworthy and make commitments to exceed customer expectations.

Transformer bushing/Electric reactor mainly apply to power transformer and electric reactor, as current carrying conductor which lead in or out the high, middle, low voltage current of transformer or electric reactor. It plays role in insulation and sealing of the transformer oil tank shell.


Our innovative 25kv Insulator Ceramic/Porcelain Bushing for Transformer can not only meet the current needs of many manufacturing and research customers, but also meet their future needs. We have advanced technology, leading equipment and product quality standards and laid a solid foundation for our product quality and practicality. We seize the market with products, create markets with services, and lead the market with brands. 'Satisfy customers, win-win cooperation, and create maximum value for customers' is our eternal pursuit.

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