220V 300W Electric Mica Heater Band Heating Element

220V 300W Electric Mica Heater Band Heating Element
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In order to improve product quality and economic benefits, technical improvement and innovation must be carried out. After in-depth analysis and research, we decided to apply the new technology to our ceramic alumina crucible, transformer bushing accessories, ceramic transmission disc insulator. Please email us directly. Our company does not take the realization of the maximum profit as the goal, does not take the maximum scale of assets as the goal, does not cater to the market with low price and reduce the quality of products. We care for our employees and work side by side to realize the common ideals of the company and employees.

Ceramic band heaters are medium- to high-temperature band heaters with a 1200°F a maximum working temperature.They comprise a nickel-chrome coil housed in steatite modular elements with an external cover in sheet Alusi or stainless steel.Steatite is a magnesium silicate material that has been used for many decades as insulators or enclosures for electrical components.  Additionally, it has been incorporated into many appliance, aerospace and automotive applications where moderate strength, low cost and good electrical resistance are required. This ceramic material can be formed into complex shapes prior to sintering, which has led to wide usage in a variety of applications.

Overview of Physical Properties

  • Relatively high mechanical strength

  • High volume resistivity at elevated temperatures

  • Excellent dielectric strength

  • Low dissipation factor

Due to the physical properties of steatite ceramics showed above,steatite ceramics are great materials for heating elements.

We are a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture, production and sales of 220V 300W Electric Mica Heater Band Heating Element. We take pride in achieving and maintaining consistency high standards of quality. Please feel free to contact us! In the future development strategy, we will adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy and continue to devote ourselves to building the most advanced and cost-effective service platform in the industry. While creating the excellent quality culture of standard parts, our company insists on promoting the core competitiveness of the enterprise with the enterprise culture, so as to establish a good social image in the development of the enterprise.
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