0.56inch 4digits 7 Segment LED Indicator Light for Meters

0.56inch 4digits 7 Segment LED Indicator Light for Meters
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Through continuous improvement, innovation and development, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and considerate services have made our products the first brand for steatite ceramic insulators, cylindrical ceramic crucible, ceramic crucible producers users! We constantly introduce new products, develop new channels, integrate new resources to meet the differentiated needs of different levels of customers, maintain the vitality of the enterprise and promote the rapid development of the enterprise development. In terms of product research and development and design, our company adheres to the strategy of independent innovation, grasps the industry development frontier and improves the company's innovation and research and development capability.

SIDE BRAZE PACKAGE fits the large, middle and small scales semiconductor IC of TTL,MOS,ECL,ect. The pitch is 2.54mm,the number of pins can reach64.


Our company is strong and specializes in the operation of 0.56inch 4digits 7 Segment LED Indicator Light for Meters, with all other business activities allowed by the company in the country. With global market competition intensified, in order to enhance the competitiveness, we try to design reasonable scheduling schemes to satisfy demands of customer for diversification and personalization, improve customer satisfaction, shorten production cycle and deliver just-in-time. As social citizens, we are not only the creators of social values, but also the bearers of social responsibilities.

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