Zirconia Ceramic Rear Cover Becomes An Important Tool For Mobile Phone Differentiation Competition

Mobile phone differentiation competition, can give the user the most intuitive feeling is the appearance design, especially the shell material, color and so on to become the competition and target user positioning tools. Shell materials, mobile phones and other consumer electronic appearance of the mainstream options are metal, plastic and brittle materials (glass, ceramics, etc.), before the use of more mobile phone materials are plastic and aluminum magnesium alloy, in order to consider the beauty of the phone, the high-end models are more aluminum and magnesium alloy. But with Huawei, millet and other manufacturers to launch a limited edition of Zirconia ceramics hot, zirconia ceramic appearance of the market opened.

Both Apple and Huawei are constantly adjusting and redesign the material on the phone's shell. Huawei in the 2013 listed in the P6 introduced the front panel Sapphire, the back of the plate of ceramic collector version models, the first to open the mobile phone cover ceramic Prelude. Into the 2014, Gionee, Huawei, Cool faction and successively released the ceramic rear cover of the mobile phone models, especially the cool faction S6 and Huawei P7 Ceramic Commemorative Edition began to market in pursuit.