What Is Cordierite Ceramics

Cordierite (2mgo·2al2o3·5sio2) is the main crystalline phase of ceramics.

Compressive strength 280~500mpa. Tensile strength 25~40mpa. Flexural strength 50~60mpa. Impact strength 1.8~2.2cm·kg/cm2. Coefficient of linear expansion (1.1~1.8) x10-6 (20~100℃). The average heat transfer rate was 3.35~5 02kj/(M2·h·℃) (0~100℃). Heat-resisting temperature 300~500℃. Insulating resistance 2. $number 6mω·cm (400~600℃). Dielectric loss angle Tangent value 200x10-4 (50Hz); 40x10-4 (500Hz). Fire resistance of about 1400 ℃.