Two Major Properties And Applications Of Alumina Ceramics

Alumina ceramic is a kind of industrial ceramics, it can be divided into many varieties, 95 alumina ceramics, nano-alumina ceramics are among them. Although the same category, 95 alumina ceramics and nano-alumina ceramics have different characteristics, properties and applications, so can not be confused use.

Alumina Ceramic Grinding Core

1, 95 excellent characteristics of alumina ceramics

Compared with other ceramic products, the dielectric constant of 95 alumina ceramics is lower, and the loss is relatively small, and it can exert good insulating property. In physical and chemical properties, 95 alumina ceramics have high-strength compressive strength and hot and cold hit variant, at the same time in high temperature resistance, corrosion and other aspects are also more prominent.

2.95 Application Industries of alumina ceramics

It is because of the appeal of 95 alumina ceramics, so products are widely used in a variety of small appliances thermostat, a variety of thermal equipment, electric equipment, shipbuilding, such as the new light source, electrical appliances, refrigeration equipment, instrumentation, chemicals, communications, communications and other industries have benefited.

3. Typical products in nanometer alumina ceramics

Nano-alumina ceramics can be used to produce many products, especially in the electronics industry, more typical of high-pressure sodium lamp light-emitting tube and nano-alumina ceramic sensors. The former used nano-alumina to make nano-alumina transparent, and then applied it to the high pressure sodium lamp light-emitting tube.

4. Excellent properties of nanometer alumina ceramics

Nano-alumina ceramics can not only play the role of light transmission, high temperature, strength, insulation and so also have good performance, the use of natural will be very extensive.