The Principle Of Piezoelectric Ceramics

First look at a new type of bicycle damping controller, the general shock absorber is difficult to achieve a smooth effect, and this ACX damping controller, through the use of piezoelectric materials, for the first time to provide a continuous variable damping function. A sensor at a rate of 50 times per second to monitor the impact of the piston movement, if the rapid movement of the piston is generally due to travel on uneven ground caused by the rapid impact, then need to start the largest damping function; If the piston movement is slow, it means that the road surface is flat, with only a weaker damping

In the full: piezoelectric ceramics is a vector conversion material force--->; electric--->; Force 1 power conversion, typical application: piezoelectric ignition, weighing sensor 1 power conversion: brake, actuator electric-; Force--->; deformation--->; vibration---sonic-; electro-acoustic-; ultrasonic deformation---- -of displacement, detection of electric-, power-, piezoelectric transformers, etc. ~ can be said, although the piezoelectric ceramics is a new material, but rather civilian sex. It is used in high technology, but more in life to serve people, to create a better life. The main raw materials of piezoelectric ceramics also include toxic substances such as lead. The next stage, lead-free piezoelectric ceramics and low-temperature piezoelectric ceramics will be the direction of development.