New Structure Ceramic Material And Its Application And Development

The application of structural ceramics is endless, with the help of structural ceramics, the windows will become more intelligent. The aerospace industry's structural ceramics have been used for many years in the Space Shuttle and its equipment, including the thermal protection system in the rocket exhaust cone and the insulating tiles and engine components of the aircraft, as well as many ceramic coatings embedded in the windshield of the aircraft.

Development prospect of Structural ceramics:

With the continuous development of the economy, structural ceramics as a leader in the machinery industry, in the rapid development is also facing fierce market competition. Most of the materials commonly used in the production of various industries in our country are metal, we can not deny that the use of metal materials has indeed been a century of history, in the meantime although it has undergone structural and material improvements, but the metal materials due to their own constraints, more and more cannot adapt to high wear and strong corrosion and other harsh conditions, Mainly manifests in the service life is short, the attrition serious greatly has affected the system operation stable performance.

Chinese ceramic material researchers have always adhered to the policy of scientific research for national Economy Service and National defense construction, and the urgent need to select scientific research projects and to carry out new materials and new products of structural ceramics. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, ceramic material formulations and molding and processing and assembly technology are more mature and complete, advanced structural ceramic materials in the field of High-tech engineering has been more and more use, with excellent performance will be more and more industry insiders and consumers agree.