Melting Matters Of Zirconia Ceramic Structural Parts

The melting of zirconia ceramic structural parts involves a lot of steps, so we need to pay special attention to each step in order to ensure quality.

Whether in the medium-frequency furnace, or arc furnace smelting, always first smelting carbon steel, and all kinds of ferromanganese and other precious alloy materials, to be divided several times, a small number of furnace, precious elements at the end of the addition to reduce burn loss. The material block should be as small as possible, 50-80mm advisable.

After melting, the furnace temperature reached 1580-1600 ℃, to be deoxidation, dehydrogenation, denitrification, usable aluminum wire, can also be used SI-CA alloy or sic materials. The deoxidation agent must be pressed into the depths of the furnace. The metal liquid surface is covered with covering agent at this time, partition outside air. Also need to calm for a period of time, so that oxides, inclusions have sufficient time to float.

Before it is baked, it is necessary to bake the ladle to 400 ℃. Zirconia ceramic structural parts in the oven with v-fe, ti-fe, rare earth and other trace elements to do metamorphic treatment, is to make a crystallization of the necessary means, it is very important to the performance of zirconia ceramic structural components.