General Situation Of Cordierite Ceramics

Cordierite (2mgo·2al2o3·5sio2) is the main crystalline phase of ceramics.

Compressive strength 280~500mpa. Tensile strength 25~40mpa. Flexural strength 50~60mpa. Impact strength 1.8~2.2cm·kg/cm2. Coefficient of linear expansion (1.1~1.8) x10-6 (20~100℃). The average heat transfer rate was 3.35~5 02kj/(M2·h·℃) (0~100℃). Heat-resisting temperature 300~500℃. Insulating resistance 2. $number 6mω·cm (400~600℃). Dielectric loss angle Tangent value 200x10-4 (50Hz); 40x10-4 (500Hz). Fire resistance of about 1400 ℃.

The main raw materials are talc, clay, alumina, feldspar and so on. Manufactured with general ceramic technology. The sintering range is narrow, the sintering temperature and the cordierite decomposition temperature are only a few degrees, and the dense body is difficult to obtain. Often used green mud stone, magnesium carbonate, barium carbonate, zirconium silicate, zirconia, boron trioxide, lithium, such as a compound as an additive, can reduce sintering temperature, expand the firing temperature range, and improve its dielectric properties. Can be used as a coil skeleton, arc-resistant electrical insulating material, composite materials, electric insulation device burner nozzle material.