Application Of Zirconia Ceramics

In structural ceramics, because zirconia ceramics have high toughness, high flexural strength and high abrasion resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, thermal expansion coefficient is close to the advantages of steel, so it is widely used in the field of structural ceramics. Mainly include: tzp grinding ball, dispersing and grinding medium, nozzle, ball valve ball seat, zirconia mold, micro-fan axis, fiber-optic pin, fiber sleeve, wire drawing die and cutting tools, wear-resistant knives, watch case and strap, bracelet and pendants, ball bearings, golf light bat and other room temperature wear 0 devices and so on.

In functional ceramics, its excellent high-temperature resistance as induction heating tubes, refractories, heating elements used. Zirconia ceramics have sensitive electrical properties, mainly used in oxygen sensors, solid oxide fuel cells (Solido Xidefu elce ll, so FC) and high-temperature heating bodies and other fields. Zr02 has a high refractive index (n-21^22), in Ultrafine zirconia powder to add a certain amount of coloring elements (V205, Mo03, Fe203, etc.), it can be made into a colorful translucent polycrystalline Zr02 material, like natural gems flashing colorful light, can be made of various decorations. In addition, Zirconia is widely used in thermal barrier coatings, catalyst carriers, medical treatment, health care, refractory materials, textile and other fields.