Advantages Of Ceramic Rods Relative To Metal Rod Products

The advantages of ceramic rods are quite obvious compared to those of metal rods. Ceramic rods have a strong weatherability, no matter at any time, any environment will not appear corrosion and oxidation of the phenomenon, in the ultraviolet radiation color is also very stable, in the impact resistance and strength and elasticity, are very good in line with the international standards.

Ceramic rods are generally made of zirconia materials, which is a leading technology in the industry at present. First of all, Zirconia has self-lubricating function, no need to rub rust-proof oil and other maintenance liquid agent, has a good high-temperature corrosion resistance, will not melt, low or explosion, so the stability is very strong. and easy to maintain, without the need to add any anti-corrosion paint or protective layer on the surface.

In terms of impact resistance, ceramic rods have a good performance, after a long period of proof and testing, and wear resistance is very strong, long-term use of the shape will not appear damage. In addition, maintenance and moistureproof, as well as anti-static, has a good advantage, these characteristics also show that the ceramic rod in the same product has a considerable advantage.