What is the characteristic of ceramic honeycomb plate?

Ceramic honeycomb has numerous holes of different shapes and sizes. The largest number of holes has reached 20 to 40 per square centimeter, the density is 4 to 6 grams per cubic centimeter, and the water absorption rate is as high as 20%. Because of the characteristics of porous and thin wall, the carrier with geometric surface area can greatly improve the thermal shock resistance. For the current products, the mesh on the triangle and the square, the triangle is more durable than the four, and the number of holes is more, which is a particularly important catalyst carrier. With the increase of the number of holes per unit area and the decrease of the thickness of the hole wall, the thermal shock resistance of ceramic substrate tends to increase the thermal shock damage temperature. The expansion coefficient of ceramic honeycomb must be reduced and the number of holes per unit area must be increased.