The characteristics of ceramic band heater

The ceramic belt heater is designed as a spiral wound internal resistance coil which passes through the interlocking insulating ceramic "tile" evenly. Ceramic cores, or "mats" of tiles are placed on a stainless steel plate with serrated edges. The edge of the notch is folded to ensure the safety of both ends, and there is a protective liner (removed during installation) to ensure the position of the tiles. This combined ceramic belt heater provides a flexible heating system to generate effective conduction and radiation heat transfer. The heat of the ceramic belt comes from the inner coil which conducts heat at the highest temperature. The heated coil uniformly radiates heat into the barrel through the ceramic tile. We offer a wide range of ceramic belt styles, from standard to custom configuration. When selecting ceramic heater, the heater that most meets the wattage requirements shall be selected to reduce the frequency of circulation and temperature overshoot, so as to increase the heater life. When a ceramic belt heater is installed instead of an uninsulated heater, the total operating wattage is reduced by approximately. 15 - 20 percentage points.